Why eBooks for Instruction

Your library has the opportunity to play a pivotal role in ensuring students and faculty have access to invaluable eBook resources. Gale instructional designers have meticulously aligned eBook titles with 10 different entry-level college courses. According to a study published in April 2018 by the Oxford University Press, students look for additional information beyond their textbook 79% of the time when working on any type of class assignment or research project. Make sure your library has the resources students need to complement their curriculum.

A single-copy purchase of any Gale eBook provides access to everyone, at anytime, with no use restrictions. This ensures that faculty who adopt eBook content into classroom instruction can provide equal access to all students on the first day of class and for semesters to come. Additional benefits include:

Strengthening Partnerships

Support faculty in their selection of course materials by creating custom collections or groupings of titles that align with course offerings.

Collaboration Tools

Integrated G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 tools allow faculty and students to work with tools they are already familiar with, eliminating the need to purchase additional software. 

LMS Integration

LMS integration enables instructors to easily access and link to pertinent content right within their LMS. Plus, persistent URLs provide added confidence in knowing the content will never disappear.

Course-Aligned Instructional Packages

Our instructional design team carefully selects the titles within each collection to ensure that they are best suited for classroom instruction and aligned to course objectives. Explore the complete collections below to see how they can be implemented at your institution.

Looking for other subjects?
Speak to a Gale Representative for additional instructional packages and full course-alignments.

Look Inside

Learn how eBooks support an affordable education and classroom instruction.

Create a custom collection and share with a class or faculty for evaluation via a link.

Save a document to Google Drive and collaborate with peers.

Allow students to be more productive while completing homework assignments with highlights and notes. 

Copy a permalink and send to faculty to embed into their LMS or course material.