Like all Cengage companies, Gale is powered by people of diverse thoughts and backgrounds, and is actively pursuing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion programs in our organisation, communities, and content. We’ve introduced additional measures to eliminate implicit racial bias within our publishing program. We have an end-to-end audit of the people and processes that bring our products to market, including ensuring diversity among our global network of scholarly advisors and a balanced representation of individuals and groups within our products. Looking ahead, our publishing strategy remains focused on providing historical perspectives that deepen our collective understanding of social justice issues, like racism, sexual orientation, and gender identity, to shape a better future. We will continue our commitment to creating a more inclusive culture where all employees feel seen, heard and valued—and ensuring that extends into the experiences we create for our end-users.

Read more about Gale’s commitments to creating a more inclusive culture reflected in the content, platforms, and programs we develop in this blog post.

You can read more about Cengage Group’s commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
on this webpage.