As an academic faculty member or librarian, you face an evolving global educational landscape that impacts your ability to ensure curricular continuity. Our goal is to help you deliver world-class education to learners wherever learning happens. How we think about education has shifted, but our shared commitment to student success will never change. 

Institutions are concerned with the unique nuances of teaching online compared to classroom instruction because online learning requires a different type of pedagogy. Along with our vast selection of digital learning resources, Gale offers online teaching support for higher-education instructors. These resources can be used by faculty members and librarians who are comfortable with technology or by those who need step-by-step guidance.  

The Gale Digital Learning Handbook offers various content formats and curriculum development ideas to create an engaging learning environment for students. Read below to explore quick tips and learn more about the handbook, including practical steps for teaching online and course development activities to make an immediate impact on online learning.



The Future of Online Learning: Academic Continuity Beyond COVID-19


Section I – The Practical Guide to Online Learning Integration

Supporting Faculty and Librarians

Course Activities for Online Learning

Assessment in Online Learning


Section II – Learning-Driven Product Development with Gale

Finding Trusted Online Resources

Ease of Use and IntegrationAccessibility and Learning Tools

Bridging the Content Gap

Beyond Content: Research and Learning Environments

Practical Application of Gale Products


Lindsey Gervais is a digital learning manager at Gale, where she assists in the learning design and development of the Gale Digital Scholarship Program. With a doctorate background and research recognition in the field of Cognition, Instruction, and Learning Technology, Lindsey is helping to elevate the instructional framework of the Gale Digital Scholar Lab and other academic products. She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and taught Educational Psychology and Research Practicum for undergraduate and graduate students for six years. She prides herself on her creativity, love for coffee, and dedication to the performing arts.