Gale Primary Sources + Your Library

Experience the Gale Primary Sources platform, a groundbreaking research environment that integrates digital collections to enable innovative research. No other publisher offers this unmatched combination of uniquely rich full-text primary source content, dependable metadata, and intuitive subject indexing – all enriched by workflow and analytical technology that breathes new life into the study of the social sciences and humanities. Watch this video or download the catalog to learn more about the Gale Primary Sources platform.

Product Features & Tools

Term Frequency

Researchers can see the frequency of search terms within sets of content to begin identifying central themes and assessing how individuals, events, and ideas interact and develop over time.

Topic Finder

By grouping commonly occurring themes, this tool reveals hidden connections within search terms—helping to shape research by integrating diverse content with relevant information.

Cross-Search Capability

Search across the content of complementary primary source products in one intuitive environment, enabling innovative new research connections.

Downloadable OCR

Manuscript materials are keyword and full-text searchable thanks to optical character recognition (OCR). Users can gain even more access to their research materials by downloading the OCR in a .txt format.

Digital Humanities Support

At request, Gale will deliver data and metadata associated with Gale Primary Sources collections for use in data mining and textual analysis, supporting the digital humanities as a growing area of scholarly research.

Integrated Workflow Tools

User-generated tags and annotations, Zotero compatability, and user accounts allow researchers to easily collect, cite, and group sources, tags, and annotations.