Archives Unbound: African American Studies

An interdisciplinary academic collection devoted to the study of the history, culture, and politics of Black Americans covering the tumultuous period from1900 to present day. From U.S. nation-building in Liberia to Freedom Riders and from Rastafaria to FBI surveillance, researchers can explore a breadth of experiences.


  • African America, Communists, and the National Negro Congress, 1933-1947
  • Black Economic Empowerment: The National Negro Business League
  • Black Liberation Army and the Program of Armed Struggle, 1970-1980
  • Black Nationalism and the Revolutionary Action Movement: The Papers of Muhammad Ahmad (Max Stanford)
  • Bush Presidency and Development and Debate Over Civil Rights Policy and Legislation
  • Fannie Lou Hamer: Papers of a Civil Rights Activist, Political Activist, and Woman
  • FBI Surveillance of James Forman and SNCC
  • Federal Surveillance of African Americans, 1920-1984
  • Fight for Racial Justice and the Civil Rights Congress
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt and Race Relations, 1933-1945
  • Grassroots Civil Rights & Social Activism: FBI Files on Benjamin J. Davis, Jr. Integration of Alabama Schools and the U.S. Military, 1963
  • James Meredith, J. Edgar Hoover, and the Integration of the University of Mississippi
  • Liberation Movement in Africa and African America
  • Liberia and the U.S.: Nation-Building in Africa, 1864-1918
  • Papers of Amiri Baraka, Poet Laureate of the Black Power Movement
  • Ralph J. Bunche Oral Histories Collection on the Civil Rights Movement (formerly The Civil Rights Documentation Project (CRDP)
  • Rastafari Collection
  • Republic of New Afrika: Independence, Reparations, and Citizenship
  • Southern Negro Youth Congress and the Communist Party: Papers of James and Esther Cooper Jackson


  • European Colonialism in the Early 20th Century: French Colonialism in Africa: From Algeria to Madagascar, 1910-1930
  • European Colonialism in the Early 20th Century: German Colonies and League of Nations Mandates in Africa 1910-1929
  • European Colonialism in the Early 20th Century: Italian Colonies in North Africa and Aggression in East Africa, 1930-1939
  • European Colonialism in the Early 20th Century: Political and Economic Consolidation of Portuguese Colonies in Africa, 1910-1929
  • Liberia and the U.S.: Nation-Building in Africa, 1918-1935


  • Grassroots Civil Rights and Social Action: Council for Social Action

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