Understand the Impact of Environmental History

Conflicts today rage across the globe over fossil fuel usage, nuclear power, the endangerment and extinction of species, and much more. Explore the long history behind these contests that join advocacy to action and pit public policy against human behaviour, including the development of environmental protections, disaster response strategies, and international trade rules. Follow the rise of the modern conservation movement in Gale’s Environmental History series.

Starting in the late nineteenth century, in direct response to the Industrial Revolution, forces in social and political spheres across the globe struggled to balance the good of the public and the planet against the economic exploitation of resources.

With the effects of climate change already upon us, the need has never been greater to understand the long history of human–environment interaction and responses to environmental issues. Discover the impact of colonialism, land use and exploitation, exploration, agriculture, industrial change and urbanization, pollution, and industries such as forestry and mining on the United States and regions worldwide into the late twentieth century. In Gale’s Environmental History series, researchers can explore unique primary sources that trace the evolution of land rights, resource usage, trade rules, and environmental protections that mark the beginning of the modern conservation movement.