Download sets of digital assets and print files to help you raise awareness of the archives available at your library. Digital assets are downloaded as a .zip folder, and print files are downloaded individually*. For customers who wish to order the print resources, contact your local representative to check availability.

For archives that consist of multiple parts, you can download the assets for the overall series, or for the individual parts that are currently available at your library.

(*Print files include standard printer's marks, and 3mm bleed)

Digital Support Assets

Download the folder of assets for your archives, which include:

Social media images  |  HD display screen*  |  Announcement copy (editable) and header image for internal communications | QR code

(*The dimensions also align with standard Powerpoint slide dimensions, so this image can be used in presentations as well)

Print Support Assets

There are files available to download if you are able to print your own collateral. Each folder contains files for:

  • A3 and slimline posters*
  • A6 Postcards
  • Bookmarks

(*Double-sided, with portrait orientation on one side and landscape on the other)