Subject-specific subsets of the Gale Master Subject Thesaurus available for license

Gale Business Thesaurus
All or any subset: Accounting, Advertising, Agriculture, Banking, Commerce, Currency/Coinage, Facilities, Finance, Human Resource Management, Industries, Insurance, Investments, Labor, Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Real Estate, and Taxation

Gale Technology Thesaurus

All or any subset: Aeronautics/Astronautics, Automotive, Building and Construction, Chemical Technology, Communications, Computing, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Materials Technology, Military/Naval Science, Nanotechnology, and Transportation

Gale Health and Medicine Thesaurus

All or any subset: Alternative Medicine, Anatomy, Diseases, Drugs, Food/Cooking/Nutrition, Herbs/Supplements, Medical Equipment, Tech. & Procedures , Medical Personnel, Occupations & Services, Pathogens, and Wellness

Gale Science Thesaurus

All or any subset: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology

Gale Social Sciences Thesaurus

All or any subset: Anthropology, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Law, Library Science, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Sports/Recreation

Gale Humanities Thesaurus

All or any subset: Fine Arts, Language, Literature, Performing Arts, Religion/Philosophy

Gale Products and Services Thesaurus

Gale Occupations Thesaurus

Gale Person Type Thesaurus


  • Includes all thesaural relationships, BT/NT, RT, USE/UF, and scope notes
  • Continually updated, so you get the latest version
  • Created by professional taxonomists
  • License permits unlimited modification and commercial reuse
  • Available in various formats for import

As thesaurus subsets, they are well-suited for integration into other thesauri, filling in gaps in other thesauri, or as a starting point to grow a customized thesaurus or taxonomy.

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