Build Your Ethnic Studies Course for California Students

To cultivate civically engaged students and foster critical thinking, California will require learners to be exposed to diverse histories and perspectives.

As California implements the statewide ethnic studies graduation requirement, building out courses or revisiting existing courses is a top priority. As a curriculum provider and digital content creator, Gale offers instructional materials for building an ethnic studies course that is personalized to meet your district’s goals and provides students with a greater understanding of themselves, their peers, and others in the world around them.


Discover Trusted Ethnic Studies Content 


Connect students to digital resources to explore the complexity and diversity of historical events and modern issues. With trusted content such as current news, magazines, books, and academic journals, Gale’s digital resources can help you build a curriculum that’s rich with cultural history, information on political and social achievements, and insights into experiences of people from the past and present.

Strengthen Critical-Thinking Skills


Engage learners with diverse multimedia content designed to help them progress beyond memorization toward applying analytical and critical-thinking skills. Build your ethnic studies curriculum with primary sources, current news articles, images, videos, podcasts, and more to differentiate instruction and meet students where they learn best.

Empower Teacher Collaboration


Give educators a comprehensive solution to find engaging content that meets the diverse needs of learners, plan instruction more efficiently, and collaborate with colleagues. Gale offers tools that enable teachers to organize and share customizable lesson plans and instructional materials.


Ready to get support for your ethnic studies curriculum?