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It’s imperative to seamlessly connect electronic resources, promote digital integration, and access electronic resource management systems (ERMS) more efficiently—it’s why many institutions strive for a single sign-on (SSO) platform approach. The importance of building an environment where students, patrons, and peers can communicate in the library, the classroom, and remotely with educators and librarians has never been greater. Digitalization fosters a more collaborative environment and increases efficiency in how materials are prepared and distributed. Gale offers comprehensive technology and solutions to enhance the learning experience by integrating with everything from learning management systems (LMS integration) to ERMS to your integrated library services (ILS) platform, and more.

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    Learning Experiences for All

    Accessibility focuses on the ability to provide products, content, systems, and solutions with a wide range of capabilities to individuals. At Gale, we’re committed to making our products and electronic resources accessible to all users. Through this ongoing commitment, Gale continually ensures our products and resources are universally accessible and user friendly.

    We strive to make sure all products are in full alignment with what Section 508 standards of the Rehabilitation Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG Level A and AA success criteria require.


    This tutorial shows tools like Translate and Listen to support varied learning needs within many Gale resources. For more information, watch the video.


    Notable Gale Product Features 

    ReadSpeaker Text-to-Speech Technology
    Offers text-to-speech technology to have an article read aloud. 

    Adjustable Text Size
    Allows users to change a document’s text size for increased readability. 

    Navigational Consistency
    Helps users navigate to the main content and sections on the page with keyboard and assistive technology, such as screen readers.

    Language Translation 
    Translates Gale content into over 50 languages on demand.
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    How can we help enhance the learning experience for your school or library?
    For more information, consult Gale’s electronic product accessibility policy or contact us.

    Google Privacy FAQ  

    Microsoft Privacy FAQ


    Fostering Digital Literacy and Enhancing Usability

    Gale’s proprietary search UI focuses the experience on the data points needed to help users identify content relevant to their needs, encouraging critical evaluation and selection.


    Features Designed to Drive Outcomes

    Topic Finder
    Encourages further exploration through visualizations that group commonly occurring themes to reveal connections. See how it works >

    Explore Panel
    Highlights “More Like This” recommendations and supporting information of value without detraction from core content.

    Smarter Search Results
    Provides important evaluative information to support successful user outcomes and help users discover relevant content.


    A Sticky Toolbar Scrolls with Users to Maintain Access to Research Aids

    Get Link
    Copy persistent URLs at the article level to embed in course syllabi, e-newsletters, LibGuides, etc. View tutorial >

    Notes & Highlights
    Select and highlight text, add notes, and export so users can keep just the content they need. Take a look >

    Citation Tools
    Automatically generate APA, MLA, and Chicago citations and export to EasyBib, NoodleTools, ProCite, and more.


    G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 Tools

    Many of our products feature integration capabilities with G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 collaboration tools. These enable users to easily access, share, save, and download content—including highlights, notes, and other e-resources.


    This tutorial shows how to download content to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive from many Gale resources. Watch the video.


    Google Privacy FAQ 
    Microsoft Privacy FAQ 


    Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

    Gale’s LTI 1.0 certification means schools can access Gale resources within any learning management system (LMS) that supports LTI 1.0. Incorporating Gale resources into an LMS expands access and increases student discovery from within the classroom. Optimized integration with popular platforms and providers, like Canvas and Schoology, allows for the embedding of links or documents directly into assignments, discussions, and more. Gale resources are also compatible with Moodle and Blackboard. 

    Educators can adopt specific e-resources and content to support their course curriculum, while reducing the steps involved in incorporating Gale content into a course. The permalinks provide reliable access for the entire class and eliminate the need for students to authenticate. This creates a seamless workflow experience for users.

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    Authentication Capabilities

    Gale supports the discovery of its online products and databases in the classroom, through the open web, and within library discovery services through platforms like Primo, EBSCO Discovery Services (EDS), MackinVIA, and more. Your library can improve access to your Gale products with a single sign-on through popular services, like Google, Microsoft, ClassLink, and Clever.

    Access discovery support
    View SSO FAQ


    Google Scholar

    Gale makes it easy for academic researchers to access its scholarly content anytime, anywhere. Through a partnership with Google Scholar, Gale has integrated Google Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) into its Gale Academic OneFile, Gale OneFile: Health and MedicineGale OneFile: Informe Académico, and Gale Literature Resource Center periodical databases, ensuring users seamlessly experience uninterrupted access to its authoritative content, from any off-campus location or device.

    Google CASA is an enhanced authentication service that builds upon Google Scholar’s Subscriber Links service. When users log in to Google Scholar on campus, they create an affiliation that follows them off campus. This allows for seamless access to their library’s licensed e-resources from any off-campus location for up to thirty days.


    At the Consortia Level 

    For statewide product implementations, Gale can extend its current geo-authentication capabilities to users for discovery on the open web for Gale resources.

    When open web users cross paths with Gale resources provided statewide, they can be granted product access without further prompt for authentication. An example of how this might occur includes Google and Google Scholar search results or links into Gale product content on gale.com.

    When these open web users are authenticated based on their geo-location, their usage will be attributed to the state’s top-level consortia location ID. 

    The geo-authentication links that are currently available to member libraries and their end users are still available and will continue to work. They will remain accessible on library websites, portal pages, and the like. These links will continue to be enabled and attributed to the member library location ID expressed in the links.

    Research and analytics reveal that most people begin their research journeys on Google, and may therefore never intersect with their library website. By extending Gale’s geo-authentication service to web users, it is now possible to reach users in your state who may not have found your statewide library resources otherwise. 


    Traditionally, to access Gale products, users first need to log in or otherwise be recognized by a subscribing institution or library. This is known as authentication. Think of authentication as a front door. It’s the beginning of the experience, and you can’t see or know anything about the product without authenticating. That is, until now. Open web entry is available on Gale Academic OneFileGale Academic OneFile SelectGale OneFile: Health and MedicineGale OneFile: Informe Académico, and Gale Literature Resource CenterThis delayed authentication pushes that “door” further into the product experience. Users can see the product and its features (some may be disabled), perform searches, see search results, and article previews. It’s not until a user tries to retrieve full text or engage with certain features that authentication is required. For more information, visit the Gale blog.


    Promoting Library Usage & Improving Resource Utilization

    As a Gale customer, you have 24/7 access to Gale Support. Simply enter your Location ID and browse by product to find support materials. You'll also find quick links to create customized MARC Records, direct URLs you can share with patrons, virtual learning tips for instructors, training tools to help you take usage of Gale resources to the next level, promotional materials, marketing strategies, and more. 












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