An Authoritative Resource Leveraging Examples from the World of Sports to Illustrate Important Topics of Research

The Business and Culture of Sports provides cross-disciplinary insights for students and researchers investigating the cultural and economic impact of sports in the twenty-first century. This publication is unique in providing in-depth analysis of both U.S.-based and international perspectives. Special emphasis is given to themes with entwined economic, political, and cultural reverberations, such as sports and inequality, gender, diplomacy, social mobility, race relations, and environmental sustainability.

Using case studies to illustrate important ideas and developments, The Business and Culture of Sports provides interdisciplinary, global perspectives on such topics as the sustainable design of sports stadiums, the use of social media in sports marketing, the economic impact on cities hosting mega events, sports governance models, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, coaching and player development, gender representation in sports, and sports violence and injury.

The peer-reviewed chapters are written by eminent scholars who are also practiced in teaching the topics at hand. Each chapter begins with an introductory overview along with a listing of key concepts to help orient readers to central points in the text. Scores of captioned images provide additional context, and robust concluding bibliographies highlight important sources for further study. Finally, a comprehensive subject index affords targeted access to the wealth of material in this set.

Macmillan Reference USA • 2019 
ISBN-10: 0028665031
ISBN-13: 9780028665030


See What’s Different:

  • Arranges topics alphabetically within the two volumes.

  • Contains a glossary consisting of over 200 management terms.

  • Features a tiered general index to simplify accessibility.
  • Provides cross-references throughout to help readers locate information.
  • Includes “Further Reading” sections to offer source suggestions for further study.
  • Features graphs, charts, and tables.
  • Illustrates certain concepts and models through math formulas.

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“This well-written, curated, provocative, and reliable resource is recommended for academic libraries.”
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