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This edition builds on the foundation of the first three volumes. It explores 100 marketing campaigns by some of the top global brands and social movements over the past few years. Essays are aligned to the strategic marketing framework, ensuring that the marketing strategies can be easily utilized in an academic setting as case studies, or illustrative examples often described as “war stories” by professors.

This volume profiles products and causes in categories such as apparel, automobiles, beverages, human rights, and wildlife conservation. A strategy was chosen based on its conceptual value or innovation; the impact of the company or cause; and, its effectiveness in selling the advertised product or cause.

Gale • 2019
ISBN: 9781410389336


See What’s Different:

  • Features 100 entries averaging 2,200 words each.

  • Includes five-section rubrics per essay, plus a sidebar that discusses a topic often peripheral to the main discussion but important to understanding the strategy, brand, or specific campaign.

  • Profiles numerous types of marketing, including buzz marketing, cause marketing, content marketing, diversity marketing, green marketing, guerrilla marketing, influencer marketing, shock marketing, social media marketing, and viral marketing.
  • Covers a wide variety of advertising methods, such as social media, Internet, print, radio, television, and billboards.
  • Profiles prominent marketing strategies, such as Amazon’s “Alexa Loses Her Voice,” Groupon’s “Who Wouldn’t?,” Jigsaw’s “Love Immigration,” Marvel Studio’s “Black Panther,” Nike’s “Breaking 2,” State Street Global Advisors’ “Fearless Girl,” Uber’s “Move Forward,” and the World Wildlife Fund’s “Last Selfie.”
  • Includes a detailed general index that organizes essays under broad subject or topic headings—listing company and product names, key advertising agencies, and people featured in the campaign.

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