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The effects of climate change on human health are far-reaching, especially the increase in greenhouse gases and global warming. Often the changes in air quality, water quality, and temperature overlap and can be blamed for more frequent and severe drought, severe flooding, and catastrophic weather events. The second edition of The Gale Encyclopedia of Environmental Health gives reliable and understandable information about the causes, symptoms, and treatments of environmental health conditions and infectious diseases so users can better understand the issues and make informed choices and plans.

The connection between environment and health provides reason for social justice and legislation to minimize impacts and improve health. The Encyclopedia also addresses issues of clean air, clean water, food insecurity, and impacts when natural resources are not protected and available to all. 


ISBN: 9781410388261 (eBook), 9781410388230 (print)
2 volumes/1128 Pages
Original Copyright 2018 


See What’s Different:

  • Features content written by professionals in collaboration with an advisory board consisting of subject matter experts in medicine, environmental science, epidemiology, and history.
  • New entries include Ebola virus disease, globalization and emerging diseases, Stockholm planetary boundaries, water scarcity, Nipah virus disease, and Zika virus disease.
  • Contains 195 full-color photos, illustrations, graphs, maps.
  • Abundant cross-references to help readers make connections between entries.
  • Easy-to-read without the use of technical jargon, entries are thorough, well organized, and enhanced with color photos and illustrations.

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Reviews & Testimonials

"With articles on contemporary issues such as climate change, food safety, and traveler’s health as well as fracking and Gulf War Syndrome, this will be a useful resource for students with assignments as well as anyone interested in the environment or public health."

— Barbara M. Bibel, Reference Librarian, Science/Business/Sociology Dept., Oakland Public Library

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