See what’s different and become more informed on health care for seniors.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), eight out of every 10 deaths in the U.S. due to the SARS-CoV2 virus (COVID-19) have been in adults 65 years old and older.1 When you combine facts like this with the decreasing life expectancy in the United States and its ever-increasing health-care spending, the market need is clear. Public libraries can best serve seniors by offering comprehensive, quality health information that they can use to make informed health-care and lifestyle choices.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Senior Health, 3rd Edition offers vital information about this population. Library patrons, caregivers, and the elderly can learn about diagnoses, treatment options, and other aspects of growing older. This would also be an extremely useful resource for students pursuing careers in health fields.

Ensuring that you have the right resource for this population is essential. Medical information is continuously changing as new treatments are discovered and rolled out; studies are conducted and their results published; and new protocols and therapies are tried and accepted as standards.


Print ISBN: 9780028677118
eBook ISBN: 9780028677576
5 volumes/~2700 Pages
Original Copyright 2021


See What’s Different:

  • Features content written by an advisory board consisting of subject matter experts.
  • Contains nearly 700 total entries; approximately 40 new and 130 updates.
  • Includes 450 full-color photos, illustrations, graphs, and maps.
  • Provides an appendix of senior-health and related organizations.
  • Includes Questions to Ask Your Doctor sections.
  • Offers access to places, subjects, titles, and proper names mentioned within the text through a general index.
  • Comes with a glossary of terms (compiled of the entry-specific Key Terms lists).

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