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Critical thinking, tolerance, civic knowledge, and political interest are just a few of the benefits to students who engage in discussions on current events. The new Unlocking Current Issues series, available on Gale eBooks on GVRL, provides foundational historical information to help students gain a better understanding of these issues.

Developed in partnership with numerous education experts, this essential collection empowers teachers to help their students formulate more informed views about events happening around them. Each digital edition in the set contains valuable new features, such as an integrated video component and curriculum tools for educators. Purchase the entire series or individual volumes. 

Full Set ISBN: 9781410380975
5 volumes/140 pages per volume
Original Copyright 2018 


Volumes In This Series
Transgender Life: 9781410380999
Race and the Law: 9781410381026
Immigration in America: 9781410381019
Guns in America: 9781410381002
Bullying: 9781410380982


See What’s Different:

Standout features help instill a passion for current events.

  • Curriculum mapping - Aligns learning standards, assessments, and instructional techniques to a set curriculum.
  • Chapter Learning Objective - Statement of what students will be able to do when the teacher has completed instruction. 
  • Critical-thinking questions - Questions posed for students to research, analyze, and evaluate before coming to a conclusion.
  • Primary sources - Sources that give first-hand evidence about a topic. These sources can be historical documents, data and graphs, speeches, diary entries or artifacts from a specific time period. 
  • Classroom-ready activities - Activities aligned to specific curriculum standards, skill, and level of rigor.
  • Worksheets - Printable templates aligned to text material. 
  • Instructional guides - Suggests ways the content can be used in the classroom, emphasize connections to the curriculum, provide practical tips, and more.
  • Lists of further resources - Resources and suggestions for students to go beyond the text to delve deeper into a particular topic. 
  • Integrated video - Video is carefully selected and/or created to support and enhance content, and help make concepts vivid to students.

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