See what's different and bring science to life in new ways.

he field of science evolves as quickly as the learning habits of students. That is why educators need innovative content and tools that distinguish themselves from the expected, and they engage the modern learner.  

Project-based learning is one of the most effective ways to help students learn, and as explained by our expert advisor Douglas Enns (middle school science teacher), an important teaching approach in classrooms.

By working together in small groups, students develop group skills, such as shared decision making, clear communication, and conflict management.

Ignition Science: Collaborative Projects addresses the changing landscape of how students assimilate content. This collection stands apart in the world of science education with nearly 70 projects that includes step-by-step instructions, budget and timetable estimations, expected outputs, and measures for evaluating success.

ISBN: 9781410380906
Grade Level Range: 6th Grade - 8th Grade
Original Copyright 2018 


See What’s Different:

Distinctive features bring science education into the modern age.

  • Curriculum mapping - Aligns learning standards, assessments, and instructional techniques to a set curriculum.
  • Worksheets - Printable templates aligned to text material. 
  • Instructional guides - Suggests ways the content can be used in the classroom, emphasize connections to the curriculum, provide practical tips, and more.
  • Lists of further resources - Resources and suggestions for students to go beyond the text to delve deeper into a particular topic. 
  • Integrated video - Video is carefully selected and/or created to support and enhance content, and help make concepts vivid to students.

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Reviews and Testimonials

"This style of student-centered learning with teacher-mentors and real-life applications of projects using accessible materials make this volume invaluable for the classroom and ideal for homeschoolers." 

—MaryAnn Karre, Retired Librarian, Vestal, New York

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