Gale Primary Sources Case Studies

Gale Primary Sources are used by faculty and students all over the world and provide a wealth of value to research projects. Our Gale Primary Sources Case Studies are provided by leading academics across many subjects, where they discuss how they used our archives, and the outcomes they achieved by adding them to their teaching and research.

China and the Modern World

Jonathan Saha  |  University of Leeds  |  
China in the India Office Records: Three Case Studies

Eighteenth Century Collections Online

Riccardo Capoferro  |  Sapienza University of Rome
Professor Capoferro teaches English Literature at Sapienza University of Rome, focussing on “the long 18th century” that covers 1688 to 1815. His research interests are not only 18th-century narrative but non-literary genres such as reviews or periodicals.

Lidia De Michelis  |  University of Milan
Professor Michelis teaches English Culture and Culture of the English-speaking world at the University of Milan, with a focus on Cultural Studies including Linguistics and Cultural Mediation. Professor De Michelis’ research interests are the narratives of the early 18th century, and English Literature of the 21st century, especially political or key cultural speeches.

Flavio Gregori  |  Ca’ Foscari University
Professor Gregori has been teaching English Literature in the Ca’ Foscari University since 1995, at various levels. He has been studying the 18th century for 40 years, and although his specific interests have changed during this time, much of his research has been centred on three authors – Sterne, Swift and Pope.

Mikko Tolonen  |  University of Helsinki
Professor Tolonen specialises in Digital Humanities, intellectual history and developing digital research. He is responsible for digital intellectual teaching and his research interests include data mining.

Joris van Eijnatten  |  Utrecht University
Professor van Eijnatten is interested in Digital Humanities and focusses on a variety of topics including 20th century history, Europe, modernity, and religion. In the near future, Professor Eijnatten will also be teaching a Masters-level course in Digital Humanities.

Political Extremism and Radicalism in the Twentieth Century

Ryan A. Huey  |  Michigan State University  |  
Case Study: Researching John Sinclair and the White Panther Party Using the American Radicalism Collection

Punch Historical Archive 1841-1992

James Baker  |  Curator, Digital Research at the British Library  |  
   Working with Visual Evidence: 'Reading' Punch Cartoons

Annie Hale  |  University of Greenwich  |  
   Punch, the Law and Literature Case Study: Trial and Execution of Maria and Frederick Manning (1849)

Clare Horrocks |  Liverpool John Moores University
   Studying Satire as a Form of Historical Communication: Teaching and Learning with Punch
   Case Study: Nineteenth Century Punch in the Seminar Room
   Case Study: Twentieth Century Punch in the Seminar Room

Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive

Damian Pargas  |  Leiden University
Professor Pargas specialises in American slavery. His research interests also include slavery in the Atlantic world and America, research in 19th century slavery and African American freedom studies from history and today.



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