Welcome to the Support Suggestions Board

Why have we made a Support Suggestions Board?

Over the coming weeks we will be creating resources to help our customers adjust to the new virtual learning and research environment. We want to hear from you, to see how best we can help you! 

  • What do you want us to explain in Support Webinars? 
  • Would you like an FAQ or factsheet on a particular area?
  • What are you struggling with in this new virtual environment?
  • What can our in-house trainers do to help you?

Let us know by posting comments on this Support Suggestions Board.

How to add a comment

Click the "plus" button in the bottom right hand corner, and type away! It's anonymous unless you include your name. Feel free to leave your name and/or institution if you feel it would help but we cannot guarantee to respond personally to comments left on this Suggestions Board.

Not for specific queries

This Support Suggestions Board is not for specific / technical queries which need to be fixed urgently. If you have a pressing technical issue, please email: emea.globaltech@cengage.com


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What else can you do here?

As well as simple text comments there are other exciting ways you can post here.  Just click the three dots when creating a new post to see the options!

  • Record your voice: you may find this an easier / quicker way to leave your comment.
  • Upload an image or link to a webpage: Perhaps you have an example of the type of resource you would like to see from Gale?
  • Take a screen recording: You may like to take a screen recording to show us what you're experiencing.

You can also react to others' posts:

  • Like a post: if you have the same opinion or suggestion. This will help us see that it is popular / high priority.
  • Leave comments on other posts.