State Papers Online offers a complete working environment to researchers, teachers and students of Early Modern Britain. Whether used for original research, for teaching, or for student project work, State Papers Online offers original historical materials across the widest range of government concerns, from high level international politics and diplomacy to the charges against a steward for poisoning a dozen or more people. The correspondence, reports, memoranda, and parliamentary drafts from ambassadors, civil servants and provincial administrators present a full picture of Tudor and Stuart Britain and its place in the Early Modern world.


Product Features & Tools

Cross-Search Capability

Search across State Papers Domestic, Foreign, Ireland and the registers of the Privy Council from 15th to 18th centuries.

Comparative Analysis

View two manuscripts side by side to compare drafts or handwriting.

Multiple Ways to Explore

Search across the Calendar entries and link to the manuscript, or browse each manuscript volume folio by folio.

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