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Product Preview

Below are representative screenshots that show a preview of the enhanced user experience that you can expect.
(Note: Enhancements are under development and the representative user interface screenshots shown here are subject to change.)

Periodical Home Page

The homepage provides a simplified and unified design across Gale products. The streamlined presentation of company, library and product names increases the students’ ability to understand and recall the resource that they’re using, making it easier for them to return.

Gale Product Enhancement Periodical

Search Results Page

The search page provides a streamlined presentation of search results and emphasizes key pieces of information. Related searches and other “smart” tools deliver new methods of search and discovery.

Gale Product Enhancements Periodicals

Document Page

The document page provides tools that are easily accessible in a “sticky” toolbar. The explorer panel groups supplemental resources for quick access and the modern design provides an intuitive experience

Gale Product Enhancements Periodicals



Enhancement Timeline

Visit our customer support site to understand what products will be affected and their enhancement release date.