Our Market Focus

Gale, a global leader in education, learning, and research resources online, licenses its authoritative content to leading businesses and organizations. A licensing partnership can enhance your business development by providing quality information and trusted data.

Gale specializes in premiere content for:

  • Education and Adaptive Learning
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Businesses and Non-Profits
  • Health and Wellness

Premium Partnership: The Benefits of Leveraging Gale Content

Why Partner with Gale?

With a non-exclusive partnership, Gale can help you enhance your current offerings with high quality, engaging content from our exclusive publishing and aggregation program.

Gale's reputable content allows you to:

  • Realize additional revenue by appealing to new audiences
  • Provide added value for your existing audience
  • Increase your brand's authority
  • Fill in content gaps with ease

Assets Available for Licensing


Gale offers comprehensive content in a wide range of subject areas. Our premium articles and eBooks cover everything from current events and technology to medicine, science, technology, history, literature, biography, and controversial topics. 


Gale is a leading aggregator of digital magazines, newspapers, newswires, journals, audio, and video. We secure redistribution rights to deliver custom solutions to multiple daily feeds. 


Gale offers valuable data resources, including proprietary company and industry profiles, respected business directories, market intelligence, trends, and historical information. Our data enriches lead generation for business professionals and corporate clients. 

Custom Publishing

Gale repackages its high-quality reference content into new formats for subscription research and consumer platforms. Our custom publishing can be tailored to fit your specific requirements. 


The Gale Taxonomy is organized into six high-level topical categories and over 60 thesauri. By licensing the Gale Taxonomy, order and organization can be brought to databases for businesses, corporations, government entities, and historical and scholarly societies. 


For six decades, Gale has published, aggregated, and structured data. Always at the forefront of technological advances, we have expertise on database architecture, machine learning, educational science, natural language processing, and user experience. Our team of global analysts and developers are ready to take your content to the next level. 

Learn More About Gale Licensing

Gale seeks dynamic new partners who are leaders and game changers. We want to help you empower your end users. 

Contact us to start our partnership. 

Our Partners

Gale has valued partnerships across a wide spectrum. Our partners include global aggregators and leaders in business, law, industry, data, health benefits, and international eBooks. Gale also partners with nonprofits and start-ups. 

A select list of our partners:



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