In recent years, students have lost their engagement and have lagged significantly in skill development, yet standardized assessments are more rigorous than ever—with even higher expectations of literacy and critical thinking. More importantly, middle school students are at an age in which career readiness is a concern as they prepare for high school, and many students lack the essentials to succeed in the real world. How can educators be supported in updating their middle school requirements to address the post-pandemic needs of their students?

Gale In Context provides globally sourced and standards-based support functioning as a supplementary middle school curriculum guide. Gale’s diverse and user-friendly inventory can assist educators in addressing academic skill deficits, integrating technology appropriately, and providing lessons for standards-based instruction.


Gale In Context: Middle School

While today’s students have grown up with technology, they struggle with information, making research skills an essential part of middle school curriculum

Gale In Context: Middle School is a great resource that offers extensive and age-appropriate content, including videos, newspapers, magazines, primary sources, and much more. Middle school teachers can find standards-based resources to support their middle school advisory curriculum for social studies, mathematics, arts, science, language arts, physical education, plus more.

This Gale middle school database offers a broad range of user-friendly, engaging multimedia content to boost any academic curriculum. Lesson planning and content delivery are made easy with such an extensive inventory of resources. 

In addition, the needs of diverse learners can be met with essential tools such as translation, text-size adjustment, text-to-speech features, Lexile levels, and content levels.

A part of the Gale In Context suite, Middle School is an excellent middle school curriculum guide for all middle school curriculum.


Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints

Developing critical-thinking skills is an essential part of any academic curriculum. Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints offers resources on a broad range of topics, including capital punishment and immigration. Students need to learn to analyze multiple perspectives and refine their own ideas in an academic context. This resource can be invaluable in developing critical-thinking skills across the middle school curriculum. 

Opposing Viewpoints offers reference articles, infographics, news, images, videos, audio, and more. An invaluable resource for debate, discussion, and argumentative writing, Opposing Viewpoints has the added value of being cross-searchable with Gale In Context: Global Issues.

Opposing Viewpoints also supports differentiated instructional goals essential to an inclusive middle school curriculum, with translation, text-size adjustment, text-to-speech features, Lexile levels, and content levels.

Gale In Context: Science

Gale In Context: Science provides the opportunity for students to explore real-world issues such as bacteria, obesity, and weather. This multimedia source database offers millions of globally sourced articles, over 200 experiments, and more than 300 simulations, providing strong support to a middle school advisory curriculum. 

A part of the Gale In Context suite, Science has a focus on science-related subjects, such as biology, chemistry, earth and environmental science. However, it has the shared features of all Gale resources: the materials are engaging and user friendly. As with other Gale sources, Science offers translation, text-size adjustment, text-to-speech features, Lexile levels, and content levels to support diverse learners and supply a middle school curriculum guide.

Gale In Context: Science is a comprehensive tool kit that will meet the science needs of today’s evolving academic school curriculum.

Gale In Context: Biography

Gale In Context: Biography is a portal to reference content on the world’s most historically significant people. Offering more than 600,000 biographical entries, Biography offers a comprehensive inventory of information on prominent past and present figures. Over 5,000 portal pages include videos, audio selections, images, primary sources, and articles. 

As part of the Gale In Context suite, Biography is engaging and easy to navigate. It also includes translation, text-size adjustment, text-to-speech features, Lexile levels, and content levels to support diverse learners and meet middle school requirements.

Gale In Context: Biography offers a wealth of instructional materials to support the social studies objectives of any middle school curriculum for any grade level.


Gale In Context: For Educators

As educators adapt their middle school curriculum to address the changing needs of their students, support is essential. Gale In Context: For Educators offers a comprehensive database of resources for the diverse needs of today’s classrooms. This centralized source can alleviate the stress of daily lesson planning.

For Educators provides standards-based and ready-to-use lesson plans to accompany its comprehensive inventory of instructional materials for every content area in any middle school advisory curriculum. And because classrooms can be different, all digital content can be customized to meet the individualized objectives of any middle school requirements. 

Gale In Context resources offer students and teachers a centralized and extensive database of primary sources, experiments, case studies, academic journals, magazines, newspapers, books, images, podcasts, and videos. Educators can find and customize lesson plans for all content-area courses, as well as elective courses such as financial literacy and career and technical education (CTE) programs.

As the middle school curriculum evolves to meet the diverse and changing needs of students in every grade level, Gale In Context: For Educators can assist educators with the increasing demands of planning and preparation.