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Gale In Context: For Educators merges quality, curriculum-aligned content with related lesson plans and instructional materials. This educational resource gives educators a specialized toolkit to collect, organize, customize, and share instructional materials for lessons by easily integrating into their workflow. 

Classroom teachers and school librarians continuously collaborate to ensure middle and high school students successfully meet learning objectives. Their shared goal is to create a positive environment where students can develop a joy for learning, but also have time to achieve standards and give personal attention to all students. Gale In Context databases aid instruction by providing authoritative information in key subject areas to make it easier for educators to support students in lasting ways. While access is a pivotal starting point, educators have asked for ways to connect these digital resources to their curriculum or teaching style. Gale In Context: For Educators helps teachers, librarians, and technology specialists be most effective in creating lesson plans that come alive in the classroom. 

This powerful resource enables educators to give students customized instruction with engaging materials that develop a strong foundation in core subjects, foster engagement, support differentiated learning, and meet assessments.  

  • Take a closer look at what is possible with Gale In Context: For Educators

    Discover curriculum-aligned, learner-focused resources:

    • Search across subscribed Gale In Context databases by subject or keyword. 
    • Browse up-to-date national and state curriculum content standards to find aligned resources.
    • Browse Common Core standards to find learning activities and Gale In Context content samples to support Common Core learning objectives. 
    • Browse by discipline and course to find instructional content, along with related lesson plans, activities, and project plans that are aligned to standards and tied to resources. 
    • Support all learners.  Access the Lexile framework for reading on all Gale In Context content; find leveled content for our most high-demand topics; and get support to differentiate every lesson plan and activity for struggling and advanced learners. 


    Customize resources for the classroom:

    • Organize classroom materials by putting resources into content sets for easier collaboration with co-teachers and other colleagues. 
    • Label and annotate documents and content sets to assign to students as reading lists or lesson menus.
    • Create customized, interactive digital resources for students using Gale In Context: For Educators exclusive tools.


    Collaborate with colleagues and share with students:

    • Design a personal profile to continue work beyond a single lesson. 
    • Share a single document, an annotated document, or a content set with students using Google Classroom, Drives, or LMS. 
    • Send resources to other educators or set up a shared folder to collaborate with colleagues. 


Gale In Context: For Educators

Introducing Gale In Context: For Educators. This remarkable resource equips educators with lesson planning tools to curate curriculum and collaborate in exciting new ways. Watch this video to see it in action.  

Hear What Educators Are Saying

Fueled By Gale In Context Databases

Gale In Context student databases meet the needs of today’s learners with a user-friendly, mobile-responsive design. Eye-catching, engaging, topical databases seamlessly integrate trusted content with curriculum-aligned materials that span core subjects, including BiographyCanadaEnvironmental Studies, Global IssuesOpposing ViewpointsScienceU.S. History, and World HistoryGale In Context: For Educators is also powered by Gale In Context: High School and Gale In Context: Middle School


Platform Features & Tools

Curriculum Alignment

Support curriculum with instructional materials, lesson plans, and classroom activities aligned to national and state standards. 

Collaboration Tools

Create personal content sets for organizing classroom materials to share with students and colleagues via LMS or Google Classroom. 

Customization Tools

Leverage the document tool panel to customize the content and build content components into lessons or artifacts for class.