Seamlessly Integrate with Curriculum

Each subject-specific resource in Gale's In Context suite uses eye-catching topic overview pages to bring together nonfiction materials in all digital formats. Users can read or watch to get the facts with articles, videos, charts, images and infographics, and more. The content within these collections is designed to support visual and auditory learning in addition to national and state curriculum standards.

Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners

With on-demand text and voice translation into 12 languages and high levels of accessibility for those with disabilities such as low vision or blindness, Gale's In Context suite meets the needs of some of the most diverse populations. Plus, search functions assist readers by Lexile range and guide users to find content at basic, intermediate, and advanced complexity levels.

Make Collaboration Easy

Users can easily access G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 tools to share, save, and download content — extending the reach of resources outside the library and classroom.

Platform Features & Tools

Collaboration Tools

Integrated G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 tools enable users to share, save, and download content—including highlights and notes.

Citation Tools

Integrated directly into the user’s workflow, formatted citations can be easily imported from single or multiple documents to services like EasyBib or NoodleTools. MLA, APA, and Chicago-style citations are supported.

Language Tools

Content can be translated into 40 languages, while the platform itself can be translated into more than 30 languages. ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology allows audio files to be downloaded and saved onto any mobile device and read aloud in nearly 25 languages.