Essential Partners in Education: How to Better Serve Students Through the Library

  • Partner with School Educators Like a Boss

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    Support curriculum. Improve inquiry. Enhance equity. Hear how Future-Ready Librarians at Jefferson County Public Schools successfully partnered with educators—and Gale—“like a boss” to accomplish this and more.

  • Be a Change Agent for Your School Library

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    When you think about your role as a school librarian, what words come to mind? Educator. Coach. What about change agent? Learn how administrators and librarians successfully partner to support student achievement with eight actionable best practices.

  • The 4 Pillars of Effective PD

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    Hear two New York school administrators share how they are incorporating professional development content from leading publishers, like ASCD, ISTE, and Solution Tree, to build equitable, effective, and sustainable PD programs—and how you can too.

  • Professional Development Collections

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    Professional development collections on GVRL, Gale’s eBook platform, offer thousands of titles from today’s top publishers. Designed to highlight and add new collections, it allows schools to provide sustainable resources to meet individual and group goals.

Classroom Collaboration Resources

  • Give Educators Lesson-Planning Tools

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    Educators hustle harder. What if they could hustle smarter? Gale In Context: For Educators is a one-stop resource that equips teachers with the tools to hustle smarter in their day-to-day workflow. With this powerful resource, you can help your school’s educators easily customize instruction, share materials, and discover curriculum-aligned content sourced from your Gale In Context student databases.

Our Enhanced User Experience

  • Gale Product Enhancements

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    Gale is proud to introduce an enhanced user experience across our most-used digital resources—beginning with our award-winning Gale In Context student databases. These updates are designed to increase access to library resources online and in the classroom, allowing your library to make a greater impact on student success.

    For librarians, the unified experience will make training students and teachers across Gale products even more efficient and seamless. For students, upgraded search results highlight important evaluative information, and the streamlined user interface delivers an engaging research experience. Students can quickly access search tools to find relevant content and collaborate with their peers using features like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

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