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  We believe in the power and joy of learning

For schools, our mission is to drive positive outcomes by connecting K-12 students to the content they need to become lifelong learners; and for teachers, to the resources that make it easier for them to grow professionally as educators. Because the pairing of research and technology has become integral for learners of all ages, Gale continues to help schools bridge the gap from the library to the classroom to the home by offering innovative, digital resources to fit every need.

We thoughtfully develop essential, curriculum-aligned content that empowers educators to meet students where they are, solve curriculum challenges, and support each student as they progress from tech savvy users to digitally literate learners. Today, that includes supporting distance and social and emotional learning as well as equity and inclusion goals. Together, we can foster an environment where schools and students are not only able, but encouraged, to thrive.

Digital resources are just one part of our story. Gale offers engaging webinars, white papers, best practices guides, and more to inspire educators as they work to achieve their goals. Browse the latest from Gale and our partners. 


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