Chatham House Online Archive

With approximately half a million pages of content, Chatham House Online Archive provides a searchable research environment that enables users to explore close to ninety years of expert analysis and commentary on international policy. Subject indexing allows users to quickly retrieve and review briefing papers, special reports, pamphlets, conference papers, monographs, and other material relevant to their own research or study. Users will also have access to the full text of two of Chatham House’s flagship periodicals, International Affairs and The World Today. Additionally, the archive offers unique access to thousands of hours of audio recordings of Chatham House lectures and their fully searchable transcripts, offering valuable insight into the experiences and opinions of key figures in international affairs, including Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Willy Brandt, King Hussein of Jordan, François Mitterrand, Henry Kissinger, Prof. A.J. Toynbee, Chaim Weizmann, Dr. Andreas Papandreou, Caspar Weinberger, Chief Gatsha Buthelezi, HE Yousuf Al-Alawi Abdullah, Dr. Zhores Medvedev, and Hans Blix.

Key research topics covered in the archive include:

  • Diplomacy and international relations
  • Energy, environment, and development
  • International economics, trade, and business
  • International and national politics
  • International security and law
  • Global health security

A truly global resource, the archive provides researchers with coverage of every region of the world, including Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and Eurasia.

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