Move forward by giving voice to the past with Gale Primary Sources

Gale Primary Sources offers diverse digital resources that help provide a historical perspective on topics like sexuality and gender, civil rights, women’s studies, and more. The platform has been thoughtfully designed to help library patrons, students, and researchers examine the literary, political, and social culture of the last 500 years, and develop a more meaningful understanding of how history continues to impact our community and the world around us.

The collections that comprise Gale Primary Sources give your community insights from more perspectives, and allow users to discover original, firsthand content—meticulously cross-referenced to bring facts into focus and information to life. Which makes this a valuable resource for librarians who are looking to promote a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion.


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“Adding these resources to our collection is important for us because it will help us achieve some of our strategic goals aimed at developing diverse collections to support programming and services for underrepresented groups in our communities. As a public library, we are open to anyone and everyone and our collections should reflect that.”

- Reference Manager, St. Louis County Library