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The famous African proverb, “M’mera mpoyamba,” translates to “Catch them while they are young.” This is the mantra for elementary teachers from kindergarten on up; however, catching the attention of young students in today's classroom and providing quality education is no easy feat. The average elementary teacher is competing against video games, cell phone apps, and overly-scheduled families. Capturing the minds of today’s student requires an updated curriculum and new tools.

First and foremost, a strong elementary school curriculum dictates both classroom efficiency and the quality of instruction. In education today, curriculum revision is a priority from kindergarten through middle school and beyond. Teachers need a relevant framework to guide their instructional practices in order to meet the evolving needs of their students. In this post-pandemic and tech-saturated world, many students suffer from skill deficits, an increase in learning challenges, and a lack of engagement. Every measure of assessment is telling the same tale about today's student.

As the curriculum is updated, teachers must also find the best resources for their classroom. There is a plethora of materials on the internet for elementary school teachers, but determining the best resources can be overwhelming. K-8 educators need a trustworthy go-to to find support for their instruction.

Gale In Context: Elementary

Gale offers a comprehensive inventory of online materials to deliver quality instruction that aligns with updated curriculum. One such resource is Gale In Context: Elementary which provides an extensive catalog of safe and age-appropriate materials across the curriculum that can help teachers make learning fun, address skill deficits, and prepare for assessment. Applicable to online or in-person instruction, Gale In Context: Elementary materials include articles, magazines, eBooks, periodicals, and reference materials. Any teacher would feel well-equipped with over 600 educational videos, 1,000 plus topic pages, and more than 16,600 images to choose from.

Gale makes it easy for elementary school teachers to gather trustworthy support for their instruction among the regularly updated resources provided by Gale In Context: Elementary. Quality education is ensured through full access to premiere titles including Encyclopedia Britannica, Blackbirch Press, KidsPost from the Washington Post, Youngzine, and more.

Students will enjoy the kid-friendly features of Gale In Context: Elementary. Young researchers will find it easy to access and explore a broad range of topics including animals, geography, health, important people, literature, social studies topics, sports, and technology. Over 1,700 charts and graphs are available to download and add to social studies and science reports. In addition, struggling readers are supported through a simplified Ebook viewer and ReadSpeaker, and all young learners will enjoy the many fun extension activities provided. 

Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids

One universally popular Gale resource is National Geographic, a go-to for any inquiry into science, nature, wildlife, culture, geography, archaeology, and space. Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids provides access to magazines, books, videos, images, and colorful photos. This highly reputable source offers great support for any English Language Arts, social studies, or science curriculum. The high quality and high engagement content makes education easy. 

National Geographic Kids is part of the Gale Presents: National Geographic Virtual Library. Teachers and students can find additional books, maps, images, and videos to support inquiry into travel, culture, science, technology, the environment, and more. Resources included in this library are National Geographic Magazine Archive, 1888-1994, National Geographic Magazine Archive, 1995-Current, National Geographic: Peoples, Animals, and the World EBook collections.

Gale eBooks

Gale eBooks provide age-appropriate titles to young readers. Teachers can support their curriculum through a diverse catalog of high-interest books. In addition, instruction is made easy through curriculum maps instructional guides, and printable worksheets. A host of work-flow features enable educators to save, download, and share resources with colleagues. Gale eBooks also offers much needed flexibility. For example, users are also able to customize their collections to meet their individual needs. And searching has never been easier for both teachers and students with detailed indexing and visual representations of search terms.

In addition to supporting curriculum and the classroom teacher, Gale eBooks makes education accessible to every student. For example, Readspeaker text-to-speech technology helps students with fluency issues, and text can be translated into over 40 languages for ESL students. A student who struggles with comprehension can use highlighting and note-taking features to improve understanding. Teachers and students alike will appreciate the what Gale eBooks has to offer.

In today's world, it is not easy to "catch them while they are young," and educators need a strong curriculum and a set of trustworthy resources to support it. Gale is the go-to place for this.

Gale In Context: For Educators

As educators adapt their elementary school curriculum to address the changing needs of their students, support is essential. Gale In Context: For Educators offers a comprehensive database of resources for the diverse needs of today’s classrooms. This centralized source can alleviate the stress of daily lesson planning.

For Educators provides standards-based and ready-to-use lesson plans to accompany its comprehensive inventory of instructional materials for every content area in any elementary school advisory curriculum. And because classrooms can be different, all digital content can be customized to meet the individualized objectives of any elementary school requirements. 

As the elementary school curriculum evolves to meet the diverse and changing needs of students in every grade level, Gale In Context: For Educators can assist educators with the increasing demands of planning and preparation.