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Business, Industry, and Finance

Gale provides insights and useful resources for business, industry, and finance research, including companies, hows they're managed, and their interactions with other business, across a variety of topics, including business, careers and occupations, economics, finance, industries and companies, management, and marketing.


Gale provides insights and useful resources for education research, methods, and issue analysis across a variety of topics, including formal learning options available in the United States to students of all ages—beginning with preschool and progressing through primary school, secondary school, and institutions of higher education, to professional development, educational methods and issues, and more.

Health and Medicine

Dive into the field of health and medicine, a subject that encompasses the study of the prevention, cure, and understanding of disease as well as the investigation of physical and mental well-being. This topic includes health care, medicine, human anatomy, and patient’s access to care. To improve a patient’s health, medical professionals use therapy, medications, and diets. 


Learn more about the subject of history, which is broadly defined as the study of past events. Due to the broad nature of the concept, most historians narrow their scope by focusing on a particular time period, a particular country or region, a particular person, group, or individual person, a particular theme, or any combination of those categories.

Resources to Boost Your Research

From trending social issues to classic literature, Gale resources have you covered. Explore overviews, statistics, essay topics, and more or log in through your library to find even more content.

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