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While LGBTQ history dates to ancient civilizations such as Ancient Egypt and Greece, LGBTQ studies remains a relatively new field. It covers constantly evolving developments as laws are challenged, activism expands, and LGBTQ topics grab headlines. Students and researchers need the most current information available to make sense of both contemporary and historical discussions.  

The Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) History covers the history of, and current developments in, LGBTQ-related topics and events around the world. 

ISBN: 9780684325538
1,800 Pages
Original Copyright 2019 


See What's Different: 

  • Features content written by academics from around the world, nearly half of which are written by international contributors, representing 35 different countries.
  • Substantial coverage of nearly 70 countries with additional countries represented throughout the encyclopedia.
  • Contains 380 entries; far more substantive than the average encyclopedia, with entries averaging 3,000 words each.
  • Includes 316 full-color photos, illustrations, graphs, etc., to highlight the text.
  • Abundant cross-references to help readers make connections between entries.
  • Offers a general index to access places, subjects, titles, and proper names mentioned within the text.

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Reviews & Testimonials

"An essential resource for those just beginning to study queer history, and highly recommended for readers, even those well versed in the subject, who wish to gain a global perspective."
–Anna J. Clutterbuck-Cook, Massachusetts Historical Soc., Boston

"This is a valuable addition to all academic libraries."
–Barbara M. Bibel, Reference Librarian, Science/Business/Sociology Dept., Main Library, Oakland Public Library, Calif 

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