Since its inception in 2009, the Archives Unbound program has published more than 400 collections. The roots of the program are in microfilm, and it offers targeted collections of interest to scholars engaged in research.

Particular strengths in the Archives Unbound program include U.S. foreign policy, U.S. civil rights, global affairs and colonial studies, and modern history. Broad topic clusters include African American studies, American Indian studies, Asian studies, British history, Holocaust studies, Latin American and Caribbean studies, LGBTQ+ studies, Middle East studies, political science, religious studies, women’s studies, and more. The Archives Unbound program consists of more than 300,000 documents totaling more than 13 million pages. Individual collections in the program range between 1,200 and 200,000 pages. 

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Archives Unbound: British and European History

This collection provides opportunities for an interdisciplinary examination of historical events in the United Kingdom and Europe. Included are US classified country reports, newspapers, pamphlets, propaganda, and many other primary sources that give insight on specific regional changes during and after the war. 

Archives Unbound: Business and Economic History

Covering topics such as commerce and trade, finance and economy, industrial history, and organized labor, these collections feature business history around the world.  Whether it is commercial relations between Japan and the United States, labor equality in household work, Black economic empowerment, or the economy of the Third Reich, students and researchers will find a wealth of information.

Archives Unbound: Cultural Studies

These collections feature perspectives on culture from Shakespeare to German folklore; moving pictures and the silent cinema to investigations of Communists in Hollywood; society, culture, and politics in Canada to literature, culture, and society in Depression Era America; plus a library of books on etiquette and advice to provide some guidance to our social interactions. 

Archives Unbound: Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Queer history and the Men’s Movement offer interesting perspectives on the struggle for equality and social justice.  The social, political, and cultural contributions of women throughout history are on display in international women's periodicals dating from 1786 to the Women’s and Civil Rights movements. 

Archives Unbound: Health and Environmental Studies

These collections help us learn how the environment and our health are closely related, as well as critical issues to our society.  Researchers can find documentation about international reaction to global warming and climate change, the development of environmental health policy, the war on drugs, and a clinical view of narcotic addiction and mental health issues. 

Archives Unbound: Holocaust Studies

Deep and broad in its coverage, this collection incorporates anti-Semitic propaganda, correspondence from prisoners, documents from resistance groups, bank records from Nazi financiers, eyewitness accounts from concentration camps, and much more.

Archives Unbound: International Relations

Diplomatic history, global foreign affairs, activists and activism, war and conflict, and colonialism are just some of the topics featured in these collections.  Researchers can study the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, global trade and commerce, European Colonialism in the early 20th century, U.S. Foreign Policy, and the origins of the Cold War, among other topics.

Archives Unbound: Latin American & Caribbean Studies

From Mafia activities in Cuba to the Mexican Revolution, and from political instability in Latin America to foreign relations in Caribbean states, this collection provides a broad variety of resources for the study of the varied, rich culture and history of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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