Connect with your patrons in profound ways

It’s exciting to see how the public library continues to transform itself to serve users in unique ways. The movement to support equity, diversity, and inclusion is a prime example. While these initiatives are still in the infancy stage for many libraries, they’re an integral component in meeting community needs and creating a safe space for patrons.

To get these initiatives off the ground at your library, it may be necessary to fill the gaps in your current collections. Gale offers a variety of resources, including primary source, eBook, and eLearning content, to help your library connect with patrons in profound ways. 

The Urban Libraries Council has published a new Leadership Brief on Anti-Racist Executive Leadership for Public Libraries, Sponsored by Gale, a Cengage company this resource examines the deep roots and enduring harm of structural racism in public libraries and challenges library executives to take on a more active, intentional and accountable role in strengthening their libraries as anti-racist institutions.