Canada’s Partner in Learning for All

For Canadian schools, our mission is to empower educators to meet kids where they are, solve curriculum challenges, and support each child as they progress from tech-savvy users to digitally literate learners. Today that includes empowering Canadian K–12 schools’ learning models with digital professional development (PD), educator resources with aligned curriculum, and student-centered learning databases. It also involves placing more of an emphasis on developing positive relationships, social-emotional learning (SEL) as well as diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals.

As policies change and academic streaming practices are modified, educators continue to adapt their instruction to meet students’ needs. During times of transition, it’s essential for teachers to have access to a resource that makes it easier to differentiate learning, helping to lift up all students. Gale continues to help schools bridge the gap from the library to the classroom to the home by offering innovative digital learning tools to fit every need, which is especially important in the evolving classroom landscape.

An important part of providing an equitable learning experience is helping schools seamlessly connect electronic resources, promote digital integration, and access electronic resource management systems (ERMS) more efficiently. It’s why many institutions strive for a single sign-on (SSO) platform approach. Gale offers comprehensive technology solutions to enhance the learning experience by integrating everything from learning management systems (LMS integration) to ERMS to your integrated library services (ILS) platform, and more.

Together, we can partner to foster an environment where all are not only able but encouraged to thrive. Gale, here for everyone.



Meet Your Ontario & Quebec Education Consultant


Danielle Bleecher has been a part of the Gale family since 2003. Her passion is connecting kids, educators, and communities to essential resources that support all aspects of learning. She believes the library is the heart of a school and is always asking, “What other department impacts every aspect of schoolwide initiatives?” Danielle’s goal is to bring awareness of how Gale can impact teaching through student-centered and professional development digital resources. She’s proud of the work Gale has done to focus on diversity and inclusion and in supporting social-emotional learning (SEL).

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