Asian Studies

Deepen subject knowledge in Asian Studies and take an interdisciplinary approach to learn about this expansive, multifaceted continent. Asian Studies covers countries and cultures in South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Far East. It examines all geographic, political, and cultural regions of Asia through the interdisciplinary studies of anthropology, history, political science, economics, language, literature, and religion.

Students seeking a degree in Asian Studies may focus on a particular country, such as Japanese Studies; a region, such as Southeast Asian Studies or East Asian Studies; a religion, such as Buddhist Studies or Eastern Religions; or a specific topic across Asia as a region, such as the geopolitical and economic landscape of Asia as a consumer market.

Buddhist Studies is a more specialized field of study within the broader subject area, which focuses on an Asian religion that is popular across the world. Other focused studies look at Asia and its growing and past influence on world affairs.

The influence Asian cultures have on the rest of the world is based on Asia’s position as home to some of the oldest civilizations and cultures of the world. Many Asian cultures have influenced growth in other parts of the world, which include important developments and areas of expertise. Not only have Asian religions and philosophies spread worldwide, but also concepts and practices in architecture, medicine, civic engineering, and strategies of warfare. China’s earliest dynasty is one of the world’s first and most advanced civilizations and many Asian countries and cultures continue to thrive well into the twenty-first century.

Because of the relationship forged between the United States and Japan after World War II, Japanese business practices and culture became popular in the United States. Similarly, U.S. pop culture has been assimilated into Japanese culture. Business relationships with automobile and electronic companies that grew after the war blossomed with cultural phenomena, such as pop culture video game characters and the growing popularity of sushi, solidifying Japan’s influence on the West and ongoing interest. The move of many manufacturing operations to China and other Asian countries in the latter half of the twentieth century broadened the scope of Asian influence on Western countries further, especially in the United States. That influence continues with information exchange via the internet and Asian Studies. 

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Asian Studies Resources

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Gale Primary Sources contains full-text archives and collections that provide firsthand content, including historical documents, archives, journals and periodicals, news articles, manuscripts, and other publications, and ephemera that examine and analyze Asian Studies.

Gale eBooks

Gale's eBook collection offers a variety of topics covering a wide range of subject areas, including culture and war. Users can add Gale eBooks to a customized collection and cross-search to pinpoint relevant, multidisciplinary content. Workflow tools help users easily share, save, and download eBook content.

  • A Concise Reader of Chinese Culture, 1st Edition

    A Concise Reader of Chinese Culture, 1st Edition

    Springer  |   2019   |   ISBN-13: 9789811388675

    This book uses the mutual interactions between Chinese and Western culture as a point of departure to concisely introduce the origins and evolution of Chinese culture at the aspects of constitution, thinking, values, and atheistic. This book also analyzes utensil culture, constitution culture, and ideology culture, which were perfected by absorbing classic arguments from academia. As such, the book offers an essential guide to understanding the development, civilization, and key ideologies in Chinese history and will help to promote Chinese culture and increase cultural awareness.

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  • Crime in Japan: A Psychological Perspective, 1st Edition

    Crime in Japan: A Psychological Perspective, 1st Edition

    Palgrave Macmillan  |   2019   |   ISBN-13: 9783030140977

    This book reviews research on psychology and crime in Japan and compares the findings with similar research conducted in Western industrialized countries. It examines explanations for crime and antisocial behavior in Japan using research and theories from a psychological perspective. Topics covered include cultural explanations, developmental and life-course criminology, family violence and family risk factors, youth crime and early prevention, school factors and bullying, mental disorders, biosocial factors, psychopathy, and sexual offending. In some parts, it challenges and refines the prevailing belief that Japan is a society characterized by low crime and little antisocial behavior. This original project is the most up-to-date work on crime in Japan and advances the important field of psychological criminology and incorporates a comparative and interdisciplinary angle. Written by leading authors in this field.

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  • Fighting for Their Country: Minorities at War: Minority Soldiers Fighting in the Korean War, 1st Edition

    Fighting for Their Country: Minorities at War: Minority Soldiers Fighting in the Korean War, 1st Edition

    Cavendish Square Publishing  |   2018   |   ISBN-13: 9781502626592

    The Korean War caused a huge shift in how American soldiers fought. During the war, troops became wholly desegregated for the first time in U.S. history. Minority Soldiers Fighting in the Korean War traces the stories of brave minority troops, including profiles of Hispanic and Black Medal of Honor recipients. The book describes the lives of soldiers, provides an overview of the Korean War, and explains what happened in a rapidly changing country after the war's conclusion.

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