Help Students Make Their Place in the World

Connect students to the context they need to analyze the past, understand the present, and impact the future. From current news headlines to historical primary sources, find diverse, standards-aligned social studies content in Gale In Context.



Inspire Student Connection to Literature

Create more aha moments in English language arts by giving your students context to make more-meaningful connections with literature. Dive deeper into classic and contemporary texts with a robust, diverse collection of literary material in Gale In Context: Literature.


Empower Educators

Make it easier to achieve instructional goals and meet the diverse needs of learners with Gale In Context: For Educators. Find curriculum-aligned content, ready-to-use lesson plans, and other tools to help educators:

  • Engage students with a wide variety of primary and secondary sources, including newspapers, magazines, books, videos, and learning activities.
  • Differentiate instruction with customizable lesson plans to suit the needs of students at all levels.
  • Improve outcomes with built-in checks for understanding.
  • Collaborate with other educators to ensure continuity within and across teams.

Explore Available Subjects in the In Context Series

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