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Explore the concept of sustainability as it relates to the field of environmental studies, focusing on how to responsibly maintain the balance between natural resource consumption and economic growth for the long term. Environmental sustainability focuses on protecting and restoring the health of the earth’s ecosystems and natural habitats. Efforts to sustain and improve the global environment include reducing air and water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, pesticides, and other pollutants. Advocates of sustainability also cite the importance of recycling, reusing resources, and reducing initial consumption of resources.

The need for policies around sustainability came to a head following World War II as rapid economic and population growth made unprecedented demands on the earth’s natural resources. Public concern that unlimited economic and population growth would result in ecological catastrophes spurred the creation of the National Environmental Policy Act in 1970, which mandates that all federal agencies assess the environmental and related economic and social effects of any proposed actions. Social engagement in such issues has been key to awareness of the demands placed on local and global environments and their impact on future generations.

A focus on renewable energy sources that come from harnessing the power of the sun, wind, water, and other replenishing natural renewable resources is a major concept in sustainability. In order to be sustainable, resource removal should not compromise the health, resilience, and biodiversity of any ecosystem or the global environment as a whole. For example, lumber is a sustainable, renewable resource when lumber companies plant new trees to replace the ones they cut down; however, if they cut down more than they plant, this is not a sustainable model. The role of corporations and government is integral in sustainability initiatives because these entities most affect resource consumption and management.

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Sustainability Resources

Gale provides resources that support research on environmental sustainability with content in databases and eBooks.


Gale databases include resources from newspapers, journals, and primary source documents, including multimedia such as images and videos, that support research on environmental sustainability. Users can find materials on conservation, environmental science, environmental social science, sustainable development, sustainable resources, sustainability and governance, and environmental management.

Gale eBooks

Gale offers a variety of eBooks covering a wide range of sustainability topics, including the economics of sustainable development, sustainable energy use, reducing waste, innovations to eliminate fossil fuels, and more. Users can add Gale eBooks to a customized collection and cross search to pinpoint relevant content. Workflow tools help users easily share, save, and download articles.

  • Principles of Sustainability, 1st Edition

    Principles of Sustainability, 1st Edition

    Salem Press   |   2018   |   ISBN-13: 9781682176085

    This new volume provides students and researchers with a solid foundation for the study of sustainability. Whether students want to learn how to live or work more sustainably, the ecology of sustainability, or the economics and politics involved with sustainability, this is the resource to turn to.

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  • Spotlight On Global Issues: Energy Solutions for All, 1st Edition

    Spotlight On Global Issues: Energy Solutions for All, 1st Edition

    Rosen Reference   |   2021   |   ISBN-13: 9781725323339

    Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, fossil fuels have released tremendous amounts of pollutants and carbon dioxide into the earth's atmosphere. This has altered the environment in increasingly negative ways. All around the world, lawmakers, activists, and young innovators are taking steps and seeking energy solutions to combat climate change. This innovative book examines one of the most important topics of our time: clean, responsible, and renewable energy solutions for all. From solar power technology to the dream of nuclear fusion, people are stepping up to explore or put into practice many different energy sources. Empower your readers to develop informed opinions and make decisions that benefit everyone.

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