Rare Primary Sources Supporting Gender Studies Research

Archives of Sexuality and Gender is the largest digital primary source program supporting the field of gender history and sexuality studies. The resource is separated into three modules.

The first two modules, LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940, Part I and II, focus on sexuality and gender history in the latter half of the twentieth century with content particularly, but not exclusively, exploring LGBTQ+ experiences. These primary sources also provide significant coverage of the history of women's rights campaigns. With numerous female-authored sources, the archive helps uncover more elusive female perspectives on issues related to sex, social structures, science, politics, society, expectations, and gender roles. Composed of 51 unique collections drawn from major international bodies to local grassroots organizations, these historical documents illuminate the sexual experiences of LGBTQ+ persons and individuals from various races, ethnicities, ages, religions, political orientations, and locations.

The third module, Sex and Sexuality in the 16th Through 20th Centuries, looks further back in time at gender history. It examines the ways people experienced, interpreted, and understood sex, sexual influence, gender, gender roles, and other facets of sexuality in the early modern period, and how attitudes evolved over the subsequent centuries to impact society. While LGBTQ+ issues are considered, this module also takes a wider perspective on the study of sexuality, examining many related areas, such as patterns of fertility and sexual practice; prostitution, religion, and sexuality; the medical and legal construction of sexuality; and the rise of sexology.

Together, the three modules provide over four million pages of historical primary source content now accessible as a digital collection. Available on one, cross-searchable platform, Archives of Sexuality and Gender helps researchers make new connections between previously disparate primary source materials, or drill down into a specific collection to explore a niche, previously unstudied topic.

Look below for detailed guides of the individual subcollections and discover how your library or university can use the distinct strengths of each to impact study in this burgeoning, incredibly topical field of academic research.

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