Gale Primary Sources is a pathbreaking digital platform for humanities research, teaching, and learning, and Gale is pleased to offer instructional support to make it as accessible as possible. To help expand the pedagogical use of select Gale Primary Sources archives, as well as Gale Digital Scholar Lab, novice researchers and learners alike are invited to use digital Learning Centers to develop the methods, strategy, and skills needed to achieve their project goals. With 14 more archives adding Learning Centers in August 2022, at no additional cost, your Gale Primary Sources holdings are poised to become a vital launchpad for your institution’s digital humanities objectives.

Increased value for students:

Orient students with step-by-step instruction and research best practices, then spark inspiration with sample research topics.

Increased value for faculty and librarians:

Not just a vital tool for learners, the Learning Centers also amplify the instructional capabilities of librarians and faculty, providing an all-in-one resource for increasing research and primary source literacy across the institution—and tying Gale Primary Sources holdings to classroom instruction.

How it works:

The Learning Centers are organized into four workflow steps: Conceptualize, Find, Read, and Use.* Each workflow section features detailed, accessible, and engaging instructional content, including sample search cases, with the primary goal of teaching research skills and advancing learning outcomes. 


Gale Primary Sources with Learning Centers

Burney Newspapers Collection

Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture

Daily Mail Historical Archive

Financial Times Historical Archive

International Herald Tribune Historical Archive

The Mirror Historical Archive

Nichols Newspapers Collection

Public Health Archives

Punch Historical Archive

Refugees, Relief, and Resettlement

Religions of America

The Telegraph Historical Archive

The Times Digital Archive

Archives with Learning Centers Forthcoming (Fall 2022)

American Historical Periodicals

British Library Newspapers

The Economist Historical Archive

Eighteenth Century Collections Online

Illustrated London News Historical Archive

Indigenous Peoples of North America

The Making of the Modern World

Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals

Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers

Sabin Americana

Slavery and Anti-Slavery

The Sunday Times Historical Archive

The Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive 

U.S. Declassified Documents Online

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*The four steps are based on the research objectives outlined in the Guidelines for Primary Source Literacy, developed by a joint taskforce between the Society of American Archivists (SAA) and the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). The workflow mimics the student research process, from formulating a research question to finding and analyzing sources to incorporating those sources in an essay, research paper, or dissertation.