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Social issues are topics or subjects that impact many people. They often reflect current events but also represent longstanding problems or disagreements that are difficult to solve. Beliefs, opinions, and viewpoints can be strong, and debate on these topics is a natural outcome of public discourse. In the United States, topics including gun control and immigration are important social issues. Globally, subjects including climate change, drug abuse, and women’s rights impact people around the world. Social issues are important research topics because they help people understand that there are many ways to think about and approach the same problem, and they teach essential critical thinking skills. The social issues represented here are consistently among the most searched topics in our library research databases. Explore the articles below to read overviews, examine statistics, and consider opinions on these important issues.


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The study of literature is important across subjects and disciplines. Novels, short stories, poems, and nonfiction are essential ways people express themselves and understand the world around them. There are many authors and works that are studied by students, like William Shakespeare or To Kill a Mockingbird. The authors and works represented here are among those most commonly studied and searched for by students. Explore the articles below to read biographies and overviews, learn more about themes and essay topics, and consider criticism and analysis of authors and works.


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